Aastra VoIP SIP 6757i Telephone - AC + PoE - 4x Calls - 11

Line LCD

57i/6757i Telephone with 1 x LAN & 1 x PC, XML Browser, Aastralink Pro 160 compatible (AC Adapter included, PoE Ready, 4 x Call Appearances, 11 Line Backlit LCD, Up to 9 x Line support, RJ9 headset jack)

Exceptional Features and Value in a Fully Featured, Expandable IP Telephone

The 57i from Aastra offers powerful features and flexibility in a standards based, carrier-grade advanced level expandable IP telephone. With a sleek and elegant design, large 144 x 128 pixel graphical backlit LCD display and 6 dynamic context-sensitive softkeys, the 57i is fully interoperable with leading IP Telephony platforms, offering advanced XML capability to access custom applications and support for up to 9 calls simultaneously. Part of the Aastra family of IP telephones, the 57i is ideally suited for executives and heavy telephone users who require more one touch feature keys and a large screen to take full advantage of XML based programs.


  • Remarkable Audio

All 67xi Series IP Telephones integrate Aastra Hi-Q™ wideband audio technology 

to deliver enhanced performance and voice clarity. Aastra Hi-Q significantly 

improves the audio quality of calls offering a truly superior voice experience on 

each audio path – handset, hands-free speakerphone or headset port. It makes 

conversations more life-like giving a richer user experience and increasing 


  • XML Browser

The Aastra 6757i is equipped with XML browser capabilities and an extra 

large display with dynamic softkeys to easily access customized services and 

applications. This feature provides unlimited potential to customize the 6757i 

to meet your specific business needs or vertical applications using the display 

and keypad. 

  • Enhanced Call Management

The 6757i includes features such as shared call and bridged line appearances, 

call forward, call transfer, call waiting and 3-way conference providing 

enhanced call flexibility and control.

  • Expandability

The Aastra 6757i offers two different module extension options. It supports up 

to three Aastra M670i modules, each offering 36 keys with LED indicators to 

create a feature rich attendant console. Or, it will also support up to three of 

the advanced Aastra M675i modules, each offering 60 keys with a screen based 

LCD display and LED system. 

  • Simplified Deployment

The Aastra family of IP telephones are designed to save your business time and 

money. Dual auto-sensing switched Ethernet ports eliminate additional wiring 

and simplify installations. Integrated IEEE 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet allows 

easy deployment with centralized powering and backup.

Feature Keys

• Up to 9 lines with call appearances

• 4 line/call appearance buttons with LEDs

• 4 navigational keys

• 12 customizable softkeys with LEDs, 

programmable up to 30 functions

• 8 dedicated hard keys including Hold, 

Redial, Speakerphone/Headset toggle, 

Mute, Options, Goodbye, 2 volume keys

Audio and Codecs 

• Aastra Hi-Q™ Audio Technology***

• Hearing aid compatible (HAC) handset

• Full-duplex quality speakerphone

• Codecs: G.711 μ-law / A-law, G.729, G.722 

wideband, BV16, BV32, L16

• Independent volume setting for 


• Echo cancellation 

• Comfort noise

• Packet loss concealment

• Modular Headset Connector with builtin amplifier

• Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) support for 

wireless headsets

• Voice Quality Metrics, including MOS

Display and Indicator

• 144x128 pixels graphical backlit LCD 


• Soft white backlight for user comfort in 

any lighting environment

• Backlight Auto-on setting with 

configurable timer (power saving)

• LED for call and message waiting 



• User and administrator level passwords 

for login

• Encryption of configuration files

• HTTPS configuration download and web 


• Phone lock with PIN

• Digest Authentication

• Transport layer Security (TLS)

• Secure Real-Time Protocol (SRTP)

XML API Capabilities 

• Display control based on user actions or 

on events

• Dynamic Phone Configuration

• RTP Streaming control

• CTI applications

• See XML API Documentation for more 


Aastra VoIP SIP 6757i Telephone - AC + PoE - 4x Calls - 11 Line

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