This Grandstream GXW4008 VoIP Gateway comes fully configured with our reliable RingOffice VoIP Business Lines on all 8 analog telephone line jacks. Enjoy the benefits of VoIP for your business without having to upgrade to a VoIP capable phone system. Just plug the lines into your traditional phone system line jacks. 



- Adding line capacity for permanent or seasonal use

- Cost effective long distance replacement

- Land line replacement*

- Backup option for disaster recovery


Business Benefits

- Cost Savings: An overall reduction of approximately 30%-70% relative to traditional phone lines plus flat rate long distance plans! 

- Reliability: Our platform is built carrier grade and designed to offer high quality business services. We offer failover call routing so your number is accessible even if you lose power or Internet.

- Interoperability: Our VoIP platform is based on industry standard SIP protocol. This means it is fully interoperable with a wide range of products and manufacturers.   


What's included?

- 1 Main Local Phone Number with Multi-Line Rollover to 8 lines

- Business VoIP lines with Canada All-In Calling Plan*

- Caller ID, Failover Forwarding, VoIP 911*

- Free Number Porting for your main business number. No need to change phone numbers

- VoIP Line Activation and Configuration on the Gateway



 * Subject to fair usage policy. Toll-Free numbers are available. VoIP 911 limitations apply.



RingOffice VoIP Business LIne Pricing:


8 VoIP Business Lines: CAD $230/month on a 24 month term


This service is available to US and Canadian business customers subject to availability by local exchange. 

Grandstream GXW-4008 8 Line Gateway with VoIP Lines

SKU: GXP4008

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