• First wireless remote audio conference solution that turns any room into a conference venue
  • Connects up to 24 people, in any room or table arrangement
  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth or wired with USB or 3.5mm audio jack cable
  • RF Frequency Ranges: USA: 1,920 to 1,930 MHz
  • Included: 1x TC-W Master, 3x TC-W Satellite, 1x TC-W Case (Transport and Charging), 4x BA 100 Battery, 1x NT 12-10 BW DC Power supply, 1x Micro USB type B to USB type A cable, 1x 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm jack cable, 1x User manual, 1x Safety Instructions, 1x Safety Instructions NT 12-10 BW

TeamConnect Wireless set with 1 master 3 satellite 4 100 jack cable US

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